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Cloud based Spam detection:

  • Spambots Database
  • Numbers Database
  • Globalfilter Rules
  • KI Database
  • Define user filters
    • Filter base on IP Addresses
    • Filter base on AS Numbers
    • Filter base on Countrys
    • Filter base on SIP-To
    • Filter base on SIP-From
    • Filter base on SIP-Method
  • Calls can be filtered incoming, outgoint or both

How to configure?

Step 1) Register

For the first you need to register a account on out website.

Step 2) Aktivation

After registration you will receive Email from our system, here you need to

follow the Link for the account activation.

Step 3) Configure your Expressway

Open your Expressway Edge, and add the Information related to this Screenshot blow.

You can find the Menu point under: Configuration -> Call Policy -> Configuration


Expressway sample config for Call Police API


If everything fine you will see a green text in the Status Box (see screenshoot) on the bottom.

Step 4) Configure your Account

Login now in your Voicespam.de account. If you have everything correctly to your Expressway Edge

You will see a green heartbeat icon with the counting of your Expressway installations.

Expressway registered to the Voicespam.de API

Green: Heartbeat icone is the status of your expressway. Green: Cloud icone are discovered Bots in our System. Yellow: Eye icone number of your queries on your api today. Red: Cross icone number of blocked queries on your api today. Green: Checked icone number of allowed queries on your api today.


CPL File from our Database for free:

A CPL File with all sourced IP's can you download from here: Download


Json File from our Database for free:

A JSON File with all entrys can you download from here: Download